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The woven wood shade collections feature a full range of natural shading options from traditional woven woods and bamboos to soft, natural fabrics. The collections work together to bring you a full range of natural shade options and price points. 


  • Classic color palette featuring paints and stains, from whites to rich wood tones and updated gray selections.

  • Offered in 2” and 2 3/8” slat sizes.

  • Modern trapezoid bottom rail shape improves appearance and enables blinds to close tighter.

  • This classic product blends simplicity with provincial estate elegance.

  • A low-maintenance product that is durable and easy to clean

About the Collection

The Walden Select Collection offers over 40 patterns that feature a modern and sophisticated color palette. In this collection, you will find woven wood and bamboo patterns that are refreshed in white and gray color tones as well as a beautiful selection of soft, natural fabrics. 


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Continuous Cord Loop

A semi-automated option with an adjustment rate of speed, the Cordless system adjusts the shade to the desired height with a slight tug on the bottom rail.


Safest for children and pets.

Motorization is the ultimate cordfree option allowing control of shades with a touch of a button. Our motorization system allows you to convenient close or open all shades at the same time or individual shades separately.


Safest for children and pets.

Clutch-operated continuous cord loop works on the principle of pulley, rotating a clutch to adjust the shade for ease and precision.


This system requires less pull force to lift heavy shades and ensures smooth, trouble free operation, making it perfect for larger windows.

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Cord Lock

A single retractable cord with constant cord length for enhanced child safety.


Operates with a pump up/down motion.