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Roller shades are an innovative blend of forward-looking design and effortless style. With easy operation, maintenance, and availability in a wide-range of designer and performance fabrics, the roller shade is designed to be flexible to suit all decors, from the luxurious home to the well-lived in hotel rooms to the coffee-shop to office spaces.  Our extensive collection brings presents materials and options to fit seamlessly into beautiful, modern living.


  • A wide color palette featuring designer and performance fabrics in different light-opacities

  • Various cassette and fascia options available

  • Several bottom rail designs available

  • Mix and match various options to create a custom product

  • Heavy-duty clutch ensures reliable operation

  • Available motors and home automation options make roller shades the ultimate smart home product

  • Residential and commercial applications

  • Assembled in the USA

LL_2022_Roller_Banbury_White_Bed_Cameo (1).jpg


Sheer Cordless Icon.png
Sheer Motorized Icon.png
Sheer Continuous Cord Loop Icon.png



Clutch Operated

A semi-automated option with an adjustment rate of speed, the Cordless system adjusts the shade to the desired height with a slight tug on the bottom rail.


Safest for children and pets.  Learn more on child-safety​ for window coverings.

Motorization is the ultimate cordfree option allowing control of shades with a touch of a button. Our motorization system allows you to convenient close or open all shades at the same time or individual shades separately.


Safest for children and pets.

Clutch-operated continuous cord loop works on the principle of pulley, rotating a clutch to adjust the shade for ease and precision.


This system requires less pull force to lift heavy shades and ensures smooth, trouble free operation, making it perfect for larger windows.


We are committed to bringing you quality custom window coverings.  To ensure this quality, we warrant our merchandise to be free of defects in both material and workmanship.  Please see our Lifetime Warranty for details.

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