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Honeycomb Shades are built with beauty and your comfort in mind, featuring durable, low-maintenance fabrics and a broad spectrum of hues. Honeycomb Shades are among the most energy efficient window coverings available–the insular property of Honeycomb fabric is attributed to its unique cellular construction. The signature candlelight glow and handcrafted feel of the Honeycomb fabric brings world-class elegance to your home, office or retail environment.


  • One of the most energy-efficient window coverings available.

  • Unique cellular construction creates a barrier of chambers designed to reduce heat and damaging effects of UV light.

  • Available in Semi-Sheer, Translucent and Blackout Fabrics  .

  • Create unlimited custom lighting solutions with a full range of opacities.

  • Top-down/bottom up feature available, providing for maximum privacy and light control.

  • Durable, low-maintenance fabrics across a broad spectrum of designer colors, neutrals, and bold hues.

  • Assembled in the USA

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Sheer Cordless Icon.png


Sheer Motorized Icon.png


Sheer Continuous Cord Loop Icon.png

Continuous Cord Loop

A semi-automated option with an adjustment rate of speed, the Cordless system adjusts the shade to the desired height with a slight tug on the bottom rail.


Safest for children and pets.  Learn more on child-safety​ for window coverings.

Motorization is the ultimate cordfree option allowing control of shades with a touch of a button. Our motorization system allows you to convenient close or open all shades at the same time or individual shades separately.


Safest for children and pets.

Clutch-operated continuous cord loop works on the principle of pulley, rotating a clutch to adjust the shade for ease and precision.


This system requires less pull force to lift heavy shades and ensures smooth, trouble free operation, making it perfect for larger windows.


We are committed to bringing you quality custom window coverings.  To ensure this quality, we warrant our merchandise to be free of defects in both material and workmanship.  Please see our Lifetime Warranty for details.

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